Greek Antipasto

Friends’ Gigande Beans – A plump and creamy bean marinated in a tangy vinaigrette with red pepper strips and aromatic herbs. Friends’ Feta and Olives in Oil – A lively blend of tangy Danish feta, pimento-stuffed green olives, and pitted Kalamata olives. Friends’ Dolmas – Tender grape leaves filled with creamy rice, onions, dill, mint […]

Mediterranean Mixed Antipasto

Pain D’Avignon Baguette – A traditional French style bread with a pleasingly crusty exterior. Friends’ Pitted Greek Olive Mix – A delightful medley of Kalamata, Mt. Athos, Mt. Pelion Blond & Black, Gordal, and Nafplion olives in aromatic wild herbs. Mahon Cheese – A semi-hard, Spanish cow’s milk cheese with a buttery, sharp, salty taste. […]

Italian Antipasto

Try this simple and impressive Antipasto Platter idea for your next gathering: Italian Antipasto Friends’ Roasted Red Tomatoes – All-natural red tomatoes picked at peak ripeness and slow-roasted for a deep, rich flavor. Sliced Volpi Prosciutto – A hand-rubbed, salted & air-dried product for a perfect melt-in -your-mouth texture. Free of nitrates and nitrites. Fresh […]