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From April 1st through October 15th, Friends’ Marketplace operates a full range garden center, featuring a tremendous variety of annuals, perennials, potted patio plants, nursery stock, hanging baskets, herbs, vegetables, and potting soil. As the season shifts into summer, the garden center at Friends’ offers plant selections towards instant color. We carry the Proven Winners summer program, which includes 6&1/2″ Proven Winners and Proven Selections, 10″ summer hanging baskets,  and combination baskets. We have patio pots, gallon size pots of Proven Winners perennials and a nice selection of summer annuals & perennials. June & July is the perfect time to boost your outdoor living spaces with gorgeous blossoms, and Friends’ has the quality and variety you are looking for. We buy from some of the best growers in New England including Pleasant View Gardens, N.H., who provides us with our huge selection of Proven Winners and Proven Selections. Others include Crystal Lake Nurseries out of Carver, MA,  Cavicchio and Bartlett out of Sudbury, MA,  Woodborne  Nurseries out of Long Island, N.Y. We have an established long term relationship with each. Friends’ also carries a full line of Miracle-Gro and Fafard bagged soils and peat.


We are so proud to welcome you to Friends’ Marketplace by way of the beautiful blooms of color in our Garden Center!  We feel it adds a happy dimension to your overall shopping experience!