Friends’ Deli and Prepared Food Department

We offer a full line of Boars’ Head Deli products in addition to Friends’ own in-store roasted Turkey, Ham and Roast Beef. We also offer a wide variety of quality cheeses. All of our Deli meats and cheeses are sliced to order. Our famous Cranberry Chicken Salad, made from our tender, juicy Rotisserie Chickens is a customer favorite! It is prepared daily along with our own Tuna, Seafood, Ham, and Bell & Evans all white meat Chicken Salad.

We create excellent quality entrees and side dishes that are made-fresh and available every day as part of Friends’ fresh prepared food program. Hot Foods and Soups are prepared every day and are available at our Hot Food Service Case, ready for your take-out lunch or dinner. Ready to eat sandwiches and side dishes are available in the Refrigerated Self-Service Deli case, perfect for on the go lunches and snacks! In addition we offer Ready-to-Cook in-store prepared foods for fast and easy meals at home that have a true “home-made” taste. Some choices include, Beef, Chicken, and Turkey Pies, a variety of Quiches, our very popular Shepherd’s Pie, Meat loaf, Pizza, Asian food entrees and more! Just follow the “Cook and Serve” directions on the packaging! There’s always a good reason to frequent Friend’s Deli!